The herb garden

Herbs can be an important part of any cooking and, used the correct way can bring your barbecue cooking to life.

Many recipes will call for dried herbs but where possible it is usually preferable to use fresh. We have a fairly comprehensive herb garden to use in our recipes (image above). In this garden you can find:

  • Curly parsley
  • Flat parsley

Used mainly as a garnish but also good with chicken, potatoes and in stews and soups.

  • Sage

A peppery herb used with meat and in stuffings. Can be fried in butter to go with pasta. Also useful as a garnish.

  • Thyme

One of the most widely used herbs, it can be used with meat dishes as well as sauces, soups and stews.

  • Rosemary

Widely used in mediterranian cookery. It goes especially well with lamb.

Dried rosemary wood can be used on the coals to create flavoured smoke.

  • Tarragon

Useful for chicken, fish, mushrooms and eggs.

  • Fennel

Aniseed flavoured herb, good with pasta and fish dishes.

  • Chives

Good for chopping up and adding to potatoes, tomatoes and for using as a garnish.

  • Oregano

Widely used herb, especially in Italian cookery. Also good with meats and in Greek salads.

  • Coriander (both for leaves and seeds)

Very versatile herb, also known as Cilantro. Used in asian and mexican dishes the leaves, seeds and roots can all be used.

  • Marjoram

Related to oregano, is used in herbes de provence. Aromatic leaves.

  • Mint

Useful for sauces and teas. Goes well with lamb and is used in the alcoholic drink Mojito.

  • Basil (grown indoors)

Another quintessentially Italian herb. Great with tomatoes, cheese, pasta and in pesto. Also useful as a garnish.

We also have a variety of salad leaves, kale, beetroot (for leaves) and khol rabi all for making salads, and horseradish for making sauce.