Foil smoking parcel

Many barbecues come with a smoking box or smoking attachment but, if yours doesnt have one – don’t despair. You can easliy buy a smoker box especially for the job or a simple foil pouch can be made to hold the wood and give that distinctive smoked flavour.

First soak the woodchips in water for at least 30 minutes. Follow the manufacturers guidelines if neccessary. Do not use pine as it contains resins which can taint the food.

Take a large piece of aluminium foil and fold in half. Drain the woodchips and place on the foil.

foil with wood
folded foil Next, fold over the edges and ends of the foil and make small parcel. Puncture the parcel on the top only about 10 – 12 times with a skewer.
Place the parcel directly onto the burner or coals and allow to smoke. Do not allow the wood to catch alight – extinguish it if neccessary. foil smoker