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charcoal-2New to barbecues? Let our easy guide help you.
Paneer-kebabsPaneer cheese. A great veggy alternative.
breaded-musselsTiger mussels! You’ve had them on holiday now make your own.

Polenta Chips

If you want something a little different to accompany your barbecued food then these polenta chips made with corn meal and parmesan are an ideal choice. They can also be easily made as a vegetarian option.

Mussels with garlic butter
This is the sort of dish you can imagine passing the hours away on a beautiful night somewhere on the west coast of Scotland. You’ve picked the mussels yourself (from a clean source of course), you’ve cleaned and cooked them and you are just about to enjoy them with a cool glass of beer or a crisp cold white wine! You don’t have to be in Scotland to enjoy this recipe, but you can let your imagination go. This is restaurant quality food. Give it a try, you would happily pay for it!