Whilst we take every precaution to make sure that everything in this web site is correct we cannot be held responsible for any errors or mistakes that may occur howsoever caused.

Barbecueing by it’s very nature can be a dangerous pastime. It is the responsibility of the barbecue user to ensure that the barbecue is conducted in a safe and sensible manner and that all food is cooked properly and without endangerment to any person.

Barbecuechef.co.uk cannot be held in any way responsible for any actions, mistakes, mishaps, accidents or any other event caused by following any of the advice and recipes contained within these pages and including any contained outwith the site reached by links, advice or any other means.

Please also remember that carbon monoxide kills! Do not barbecue indoors or in a tent or anything similar. Even a warm barbecue or stove can emit carbon dioxide which can cause suffocation.

Happy barbecueing!