All about us is run by George Philip ably assisted by his wife Elaine. Both work full time and enjoy cooking of all types:

Hi there! I hope you enjoy our site and app. Barbecuing is something of a passion for us. It probably all started back in 1980 when a relative gave us a barbecue as a wedding gift. In those days, living in Central Scotland as we do, a barbecue was possibly the weirdest present you could give to a twenty year old guy.

The first barbecue was of course a total disaster; we attempted to cook a whole chicken which still had the giblets in a plastic bag inside it. The ‘useless’ barbecue seemed confined to history.

Then as fate would have it almost two years later in 1982 we moved to South Africa for a couple of years; the barbecue capital of the world (possibly excepting Australia). (This is me on the right in charge of the braai nearly thirty years ago.)

We barbecued (Braai in South Africa) at almost every opportunity and in every possible way. We would build an open braai with stones and logs, we used surplus trees, we used all sorts of techniques I will tell anyone now not to do. We had a great time and eventually with a shipment of furniture came the barbecue we were given as a wedding gift.

In the years since then we have continued to barbecue at every available opportunity, whatever the weather. In some years we have managed to have a barbecue every month of the year which, with our climate can take some doing.

So now we would like to share this experience with you so please have a browse through the site and try some of the recipes. Whether you are a novice or an experienced hand I am sure there is something here for you.

Thanks, George & Elaine.

…please also feel free to join in:

For us a barbecue is not only about cooking on coals, it is about eating out of doors. So, you will find recipes of all different sorts here. Please feel free to join in and comment on them and especially please upload your own favourite recipes for inclusion on this site. Your participation is appreciated.