Poultry products, in particular chicken, are one of the staples on the barbecue. A simple marinade of oil, lemon juice and soy sauce can enhance the flavour tremendously. People who are put off barbecues often remember poorly cooked drumsticks, burned chicken wings or greasy thighs. It doesn’t have to be like that. Take a little time to prepare your food properly and your guests will thank you for it. Cut chicken breasts into even sized cubes and thread them onto skewers: your food will cook quicker and more evenly as a result. Soak drumsticks and thighs in a brine solution and they will be much tastier and more moist.
Don’t forget Duck. Duck contains a lot of fat so you can risk flare-ups but using an indirect cooking method where the duck doesn’t sit directly above coals and you will avoid flames. Duck breast can even be minced and made into burgers.
Small fowl like pheasant and pousins can be spatchcocked and will cook quickly over the coals.
Try some of our ideas for poultry dishes and I am sure you will have a successful barbecue.

  • Chicken goujons with roasted pepper sauce,Chicken-with-pepper-sauce,Another from our feature on inexpensive barbecues. You will be surprised at how delicious and succulent this dish is. The pepper sauce will keep in the fridge for a few days and can also be served as an accompaniment.
  • Stuffed chicken breasts,stuffed-chicken,This recipe is part of our article on how to feed a family cooking inexpensively on the barbecue. You can use whatever you want to stuff the chicken breasts. I have used sundried tomatoes and butter, but you could use blue cheese, cream cheese or garlic butter – whatever you fancy.
  • Five spice chicken,,Another one of our feature on cooking inexpensively on the barbecue. These chicken pieces are simplicity in themselves and the spices really lift a simple meal.
  • Chicken and tarragon burgers,,This is an extremely tasty recipe for chicken burgers and always goes down well. I tend to mix the burgers without the herbs and divide into two and then add the tarragon to one half. This way anyone who doesn’t like herbs can have plain chicken burgers. They are delicious served on a bread roll with a generous helping of salad leaves.
  • Chicken sate,Chicken Sate,The traditional oriental food loved by millions. Chicken sate is cooked on barbecues and over open fires the world over.
  • Chicken yakitori,chicken-yakitori,One of the things that has always fascinated me about foreign countries is the amount and variety of street food. Much of this is easily transformed into barbecue recipes. Chicken Yakitori is one of the most popular street foods in Japan. This is a simple recipe which re-creates this food very well.
  • Chicken yakitori wrap,Chicken-wrap,A delicious way to serve any small barbecued food is in a wrap (flour tortilla). Try this with a combination of chicken yakitori and roasted peppers or vegetables.
  • Pollo Enchilado,pollo enchilada,This is a recipe based on a traditional Mexican grilled chicken. The 'enchilado' literally means 'covered in chilli'. Use chillies of your own choice depending on how hot you like it.