Whether it is burgers, kebabs or steaks, meat is one of the staples of a good barbecue. Cooked well it will impress your guests. Try not to overcook, most meats such as lamb or beef can be cooked to your liking but pork must be well cooked. Try using one of our marinades to help improve the flavour and succulence or make up your own. Shop bought marinades can be a good alternative.

  • Cheese stuffed burger,,A delicious burger recipe whether it be for the barbecue or under the grill. The cheese in the middle not only adds flavour to the burger but gives it extra succulence. Serve with more cheese melted on top if desired
  • Oriental ribs,,Ribs of all sort are a staple on the barbecue, these are succulent, sticky and delicious. They do take a bit of preparation but then you do want to impress don’t you!
  • Hoi-sin spare ribs,,Another great rib recipe. These have a really rich, intense and beautiful flavour. The meat literally falls from the ribs.
  • Steak kebabs with garlic butter,Steak-kebabs,Cooked properly this is a succulent, delicious recipe. Remember that the use of oil will cause the coals to flare up when you place the kebabs on the barbecue so be prepared to move them quickly to a safer place on the barbecue and then return them to the heat when appropriate.
  • Lamb Kofta with garlic and mint sauce,Kofta,Traditional Greek or North African food. These Koftas are quick and easy to make. Add a little chilli if you like them spicier.
  • Pork medallions with barbecued tomato,,A delicious and tender cut of meat, pork loin is ideal for the barbecue. The flattening of the pork in this recipe helps to tenderise the meat and also allows it to cook very quickly.
  • Sausages with marmalade,,So simple and yet absolutely delicious. If you have never tried flavouring your sausages – give this one a go. Please use decent quality sausages or it won’t be the same.
  • Lamb Rogan Josh,Lamb-rogan-josh,This is my take on the classic indian dish. It does take a bit of preparation but the finished result is very authentic tasting. Adjust the chilli powder or use fresh chillis if you want a hotter sauce.
  • Ultimate quarter pound burger,Quarter-pounder,One of the reasons that many people say that they don’t like barbecues is because of the cheap and nasty burgers and sausages that are often served up. This burger recipe is fairly inexpensive if you have some of the ingredients in a store cupboard but, more importantly it is absolutely delicious. Go on – make your guests something they will remember!
  • Lamb kebabs with preserved lemon,,This is one of those must try recipes on the site. The preserved lemon absolutely makes this recipe. You can use almost any cut of lamb and I have included two methods of cooking.
  • Boerewors,,This is the classic South African spicy sausage. No barbecue is truly complete without one. There are many butchers who supply boerewors in the UK now but if you can’t find them, have a go at this recipe. Your local butcher should be happy to stuff the mixture into sausage skins for you and may even make up the whole mixture if you give him the recipe.
  • Moussaka,,The traditional meal from Greece, delicious and easy to make. I know it's not a barbecue recipe but it is excellent for serving to a group of friends.
  • Sosaties,Sosaties,There are some great recipes from South Africa, many of which feature here. This is one that you must try. Done well it is a succulent, flavourful dish and one that is certain to impress. The secret is in preparing it well in advance so that it has time to marinade correctly.It can take up to three days for to to be well marinated so this is a dish to plan in advance. If you are using wooden skewers, remember to pre-soak them.
  • Pork ribs with maple syrup,Ribs-with-maple-syrup,Pork ribs suit the barbecue so well. This version takes a bit of effort but it is well worth it for succulent, moist ribs. The brining in this recipe helps to get seasoning right to the bone and the maple syrup adds a nice sweetness and stickyness.
  • Pork burgers,Pork-Burger,A pleasant alternative to beef burgers, easy to make and delicious. If you have never tried to make your own burgers for the barbecue, these are well worth a try – you won’t be disappointed.