Marinading your food will help it taste more succulent and delicious. whether you buy a shop marinade or make up your own a little preparation works wonders. Use one of the marinades here or simply throw together some oil, lemon juice and soy sauce.

  • Simple marinade for chicken,Simple-marinade,Sometimes the most successful things are also the simplest. This marinade will ensure your chicken is moist and tasty when cooked. The quantities are for one chicken breast, adjust the amount as required.
  • Mint marinade,,This marinade is ideal for almost any cut of lamb. This recipe will make enough for four lamb chops. Adjust the quantities if you need more.
  • Carribean Jerk marinade,,If you like your food hot then you can't beat this Jerk marinade. Adjust the amount of chilli's to suit your taste. It is ideal for most meats but work especially well with chicken. If you are using legs or thighs then score them with a knife to allow the marinade to penetrate. I like to cut thin strips of chicken breast, marinade it then thread onto skewers.