Fish and Shellfish

Fish is another thing that goes well on your barbecue. Salmon can be marinated and cooked in a variety of ways and tender fish such as sea bass can be wrapped in foil. Shellfish also work well and can be cooked directly over hot coals. Also don’t forget about squid and octopus which will make your holiday barbebecue look and smell like the mediteranean.

  • Salmon Risotto,salmon-risotto,This is a great way to use up some of that left over Salmon from your barbecue, or you can cook it fresh as an accompaniment. Ideal to serve with a fish based barbecue.
  • Salmon Yakitori,Salmon-Yakitori,One of the things that has always fascinated me about foreign countries is the amount and variety of street food. Much of this is easily transformed into barbecue recipes. Chicken Yakitori is one of the most popular street foods in Japan. This is a version for salmon. Salmon works very well on a barbecue and is particularly suited to a wide variety of marinades. This recipe can be used to make kebabs or for marinating larger pieces of fish. Remember to pre-soak your skewers. thick salmon fillets or chunks
  • Lobster with parsley butter,lobster-with-parsley-butter,A truly luxurious dish, lobster is now starting to come within the price range of many people. It certainly looks impressive and with a little preparation can easily be finished on the barbecue. Ask your fishmonger for advice on humanely killing your lobster.
  • Tiger mussels,breaded-mussels,This is a great dish to serve as an appetiser while you are barbecueing the main dishes. Derived from a Spanish tapas dish it can also be served as part of a tapas party. It may seem a little complicated but is actually fairly easy and well worth the effort.
  • Sea bass al'acqua,fish-alacqua,The term al'acqua in this recipe is known as crazy water in Italy. This is a common dish in Italy and is easily converted to a barbecue recipe. Any decent fish fillets could be used for this and I have used Sea Bass in this version. The sauce is cooked first and then wrapped up in cooking foil along with the fish. The steam generated within the foil will cook the fish perfectly.
  • Salt cod with puttanesca sauce,Salt-cod-with-puttanesca-sauce,I must admit I never had great hopes as to how this dish would turn out. I was completly blown away - it was delicious. Salt cod was oroginally a dish for the poor as it was a way of preserving food. These days it is a popular ingredient in southern European cookery, especially Portugal. If you can get your hands on some, give this recipe a try.
  • Mussels with garlic butter,Mussels-with-garlic-butter,Pulling the mussels from the shell in this recipe can be a little bit time consuming but just imagine sitting on a beach on the west coast of Scotland on a beautiful summer evening cooking mussles you have collected yourself - sheer bliss. And the mussels are delicious as well!
  • Salmon with chilli and coriander,Salmon-on-plank,Salmon always works well on the barbecue, particularly with a flavoured marinade. With a ready made chilli jam it can't come much easier than this.