Chicken yakitori wrap

A delicious way to serve any small barbecued food is in a wrap (flour tortilla). Try this with a combination of chicken yakitori and roasted peppers or vegetables.
15 minutes
10 - 15 minutes
Allow 1 wrap per person




  1. Heat a wrap by popping it on the barbecue for a few seconds then turn it over for a few more seconds. Alternatively heat in the microwave for about 20 seconds (follow the manufacturers instructions). Assemble your wrap by spreading a thin layer of houmus and top with the salad leaves and tomatoes. Season if desired. Add the roasted peppers and chicken yakitori and drizzle with a little of the reserved sauce. Do not overfill the wrap. now roll it up and enjoy!
  2. If you feel adventurous, add a couple of slices of sandwich gerkins and a drizzle of american mustard

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